Muskogee man charged with forcible sodomy during gang-rape of juvenile

Matthew Edward Ezell of Muskogee is facing charges of forcible sodomy stemming from an August assault in a remote area near Taft.

A juvenile girl told police she went riding with three men, who gave her multiple shots of vodka and tequila.

"The defendants took her to a discreet location near Taft," an affidavit filed with the case states. "The defendants then ordered (her) to perform oral sex on them."

The two other men listed in the affidavit are Alec Colby Lynn and Jordan Wayne Parks. While she was giving Lynn oral sex, Parks pulled down her shorts and panties and attempted to have anal sex with her, the affidavit states. Failing that, he penetrated her vaginally, it states.

The juvenile told police she repeatedly said "no" to the men's advances. A forensic nurse said the juvenile's body showed signs of sexual assault.

Parks told police that nothing sexual had happened; that the men and the juvenile had simply driven around drinking. Lynn, however, said there was sex and it was consensual. He also said Parks had called him and told him to tell police there was no sex.

Ezell wasn't interviewed for the affidavit, but today's filing states he is accused of forcing his penis into the mouth of the juvenile by force, violence or threats of violence.

He has not been arrested yet.

You can read the affidavit, on which we have redacted the juvenile's name, here


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Elderly couple to marry after meeting at nursing home

Picking them as Valentine's king and queen turned out to be prophetic.

Mattison Smith, 77, and Francis Smith, 66 (no relation) met at the Brentwood Extended Care and Rehab on the west side of town, and last week, they were chosen as the center's Valentine's king and queen.

Shortly thereafter, they decided to get married.

Mattison Smith moved to the center in October. Francis is a longtime resident.

The wedding will take place at the center today at 2 p.m.


Five arrested in plot to steal from Fort Gibson National Cemetery

Fort Gibson police have arrested five people who they say had broken into the Fort Gibson National Cemetery with a plan to steal equipment.

Arrested were Jackie Pippen, Russell Cook, James Cook, Alydia Shepherd and Shelby Gatwood.

The thieves, according to police, cut the fence to the cemetery, then were aiming to get a container full of supplies and equipment out to a waiting truck. Passers-by saw the activity and called police.


Cattle from ranch west of town to go to sale

The cattle from the ranch owned by Dan McWilliams west of town, where numerous cows and horses were found dead, will be sold at the Tulsa and/or Tahlequah Stockyards, according to an order by District Attorney Orvil Loge.

McWilliams was also ordered to pay $63,000 to pay for the upkeep and rehabilitation of the cattle after they were seized from his ranch.

McWilliams is also forbidden to buy or arrange for others to buy the cattle on his behalf. He can, however, help the stockyards prepare the animals for sale.

McWilliams will receive the proceeds from the sale of the cattle.

You can read the order here


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City to sponsor Muskogee clean-up challenge

When 664 Muskogee citizens were asked what changes they'd like to see in Muskogee, the number one answer was clean up the city.

March 25 to March 28, you can help make that happen by participating in the Muskogee 500 Azalea Clean-Up, sponsored by Action in Muskogee and Mayor Bob Coburn. The clean-up's goal is to get 500 citizens working together over four days to clean up illegal dump sites, parks, trails and main thoroughfares.

Coburn has challenged church groups, civic organizations, schools, sports teams and banks to get together for the challenge.

The groups can work on any day during the challenge.

For more information: 918-684-6326 or


Learn how to find lost treasures

Have you always wondered what treasure hunting is all about? Have you ever wanted to get your own metal detector? Do you have one you have never used or just want to see what others have dug up?

Visit with the Indian Territory Treasure Hunters' Club and the Three Forks Treasure Hunters' Club during the Treasure Hunters' Show at the Three Rivers Museum, 220 Elgin, Muskogee from 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Saturday February 28.

Club members' will set up exhibits of cool items they have found in the Three Rivers area, provide demonstrations with their equipment and rules for hunting.

Admission to the Treasure Hunters' Show is Free, museum tour admission is $3.00 for adults, $2.50 for students and kids under age 6 are FREE. For more information see the museum's website at or call 918-686-6624.


Bacone launches online college iBacone

Bacone College is taking its place in this millennium with the introduction of iBacone - an online education program flexible enough to accommodate working adults' busy schedules.

iBacone is now enrolling for classes beginning in March. The program is year-round, so students can complete a bachelor's degree in business administration in just three years. The college's tribal leadership course is the only one offered as part of a BSBA degree program online.

"We are delighted to offer this opportunity to students who may have had limited options for pursuing a college degree because of obstacles such as living in a rural area, transportation issues, or child care costs," said Bacone President Frank Willis. "iBacone allows us to adapt to our students' educational needs, and helps them avoid those obstacles -preparing them for a successful career. And this positive change is just a part of what you'll see over the next two years from Bacone College."

Concurrent enrollment for high school students is also offered, making iBacone a perfect opportunity for any student from any walk of life.

Bacone Online College is fully-accredited, with the Higher Learning Commission. The degrees are accredited by International Assembly for Collegiate Business. Financial aid and online enrollment is available. For more information, contact Dana Orange, or (918)360-3866.


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Gear up for Mardi Gras at the hall of fame

The Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame will host a Mardi Gras party, featuring The Jambalaya Jazz Band, on Thursday, March 5th at The Frisco Depot, 401 S. 3rd in Muskogee.

In his decades as a working Tulsa-area musician and bandleader, trombonist Steve Ham has learned a great deal about making audiences happy. The Jambalaya Jazz Band is one of the longest-lived musical outfits in the area, having begun sometime in the mid-'80s when Ham left a Dixieland band he'd been playing in and decided to start one of his own.

"I really don't remember exactly when it was, but I can tell you who it was for," he says. "It was for people from Ken's Pizza. We played a Kentucky Derby party for them at the old Fountains restaurant out on Lewis. I booked it first, and then got the band together. As [the late Tulsa pianist] Ron Chandler used to say, `Hitch up that wagon. We'll load it later.'"

Because of his stature as one of the town's top working musicians for many years, Ham has been able to attract some of the best talent around to the outfit he calls "that little old band from Creek County."

The party kicks off at 6 pm with traditional Cajun fare and King Cake being served, with the show starting at 7 pm. Make sure you wear your best Mardi Gras mask and sign up to enter the Mask contest. First, second and third place prizes will be awarded!

Tickets are on sale now at The Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame, and are $15 in advance or $20 at the door. All ages are welcome.


Cherokees award record amount in scholarships

The Cherokee Nation is funding a record number of college scholarships in the 2014-15 academic year to ensure as many Cherokee students as possible enroll and graduate from college with a brighter future and fewer student loans.

All Cherokee students who applied and qualified for a scholarship, which is nearly 3,500 students, were offered a $2,000 scholarship this spring.

This past fall, scholarships were awarded to 3,830 students.

The tribe is awarding scholarships totaling about $13 million this school year for all program scholarships. Funding for Cherokee Nation scholarships is collected from the tribe's motor fuels tax funds.

Some of the eligibility requirements include students must be Cherokee Nation citizens with a permanent address in the 14-county tribal jurisdiction or contiguous counties, maintain a 2.0 GPA and complete community service hours.

For the undergraduate scholarship, applicants living outside the tribal jurisdiction or contiguous counties must be eligible for the federal Pell Grant.

Scholarship applications for the 2015-16 academic year are now being accepted at The deadline for new students and Cherokee Promise Scholars is April 10. The deadline for renewing students is June 5.

For more information on Cherokee Nation scholarships, call 918-453-5465.


Children's charity seeks teams for golf tournament

The Kelly B. Todd Cerebral Palsy and Neuro-Muscular Foundation serves Muskogee patients with serious challenges. To help do that, the foundation hosts an annual golf tournament with decidedly not serious fun.

The Ninth Annual Kelly B. Todd Charity Golf Tournament is seeking teams to play on May 18 at the Muskogee Country Club, during which there will be contests, goofy dressing .. and of course golf.

Team entry fees are $400, individuals are $100, and the deadline to sign up at those prices is May 1.

For more information, call 918-687-2947 or get the registration form here.


Georgia-Pacific gets local incentives for mill improvements

Georgia-Pacific is upgrading its Muskogee bath tissue and towel manufacturing operations, and The Muskogee City-County Port Authority is supporting that effort through the Strategic Investment Program (SIP). The Port Authority approved a SIP incentive application connected to the mill's planned investments across its operations.

The Muskogee mill has both approved and proposed investments of more than $130 million during the next three years to improve all aspects of its operations. The investment will help the mill meet both existing and projected demand for its tissue, towel and napkin products, as well as help improve employee safety, environmental performance, reliability and quality. For example, one of the current projects at the mill is the installation of new bath tissue converting equipment - a $15 million investment to serve customers in the away-from-home market.

"These types of investments help us to be a more competitive business and ensure that we remain a valued employer in Muskogee," said Rodney Bond, vice president - manufacturing for Georgia-Pacific's Muskogee mill. "We appreciate the support that the community provides us. In particular, we appreciate the business relationship that we have with the Muskogee City-County Port Authority and the City of Muskogee."

The Muskogee City-County Port Authority Strategic Investment Program, funded by a $3 million grant from the City of Muskogee Foundation, allows the Port to consider incentive awards to companies with qualifying job creation and/or qualifying investment in new or expanded facilities. The Muskogee mill's application falls under the latter category of expanding facilities.

"We are always pleased when an existing industry makes the decision to reinvest in Muskogee, and are delighted to be able to support Georgia-Pacific's Muskogee facility's continued growth and vitality, through our performance based, Strategic Investment Program.


BREAKING: Cop was justified in shooting man

District Attorney Orvil Loge has issued his opinion on the case of Muskogee Police Officer Chancey McMillin's shooting of Terence Walker in January:

McMillin acted appropriately and in accordance with the law, Loge stated.

"My decision is that Officer Chansey McMillin's actions in the shooting death of Terence Dewayne Walker Jr were legally justified," Loge wrote. Walker "was a threat to every individual that attended a wedding at Old Agency Baptist Church."

You can read the opinion here.


BREAKING: Muskogee man pleads guilty to murder

Robert Luis Guerra Jr. has pleaded guilty to all seven counts against him, including first-degree murder in the 2013 killing of 22-year-old April Perry and the shooting assault of her husband Darrell.

The couple were attacked in their home in January 2013.

Guerra today pleaded guilty in exchange for seven concurrent life sentences. He will be 75 before he can even be considered for parole.


DA to issue ruling on police-involved shooting today

District Attorney Orvil Loge will issue a ruling today on the police-involved shooting of Terence Dewayne Walker on January 17.

Walker was shot while fleeing from police officer Chansey McMillin after McMillin had received a call that Walker was armed with a loaded pistol and had threatened to kill a guest at a wedding.

During a pat-down, McMillin felt a pistol in one of Walker's pockets. Walker spun around, elbowed McMillin in the face and took off running, McMillin in pursuit.

During the chase, Walker dropped something McMillin believed to be a gun, stopped to pick it up and faced the officer in a crouched position, prompting McMillin to fire his pistol at Walker several times, two of which hit Walker, killing him.

According to multiple law enforcement officials, Loge will issue the ruling, largely based on evidence processed by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, on whether McMillin was justified in the shooting. The ruling should come down around 4 p.m.


Learn the tale of a legendary lawman from here

If you haven't heard of Bass Reeves, or if you just know a little about him, you've missed out on one of the baddest men ever to walk the wild west. When you think of the lone lawman riding tall in the saddle, shooting with dead aim using either hand, rifle or pistol, tracking down outlaws and fugitives with dogged reserve, even holding one outlaw by the neck while shooting another with the other hand, then you're thinking about Muskogee's Bass Reeves.

Reeves, who escaped from slavery to Indian Country, where he learned the tribes' customs and languages fluently, became a US Deputy Marshal, rounding up the worst of the worst outlaws who had fled to the wild country - including his own son, who he arrested for murder.

The legendary lawman, who many believe was the inspiration for the fictional Lone Ranger, has largely disappeared from the public's memory, but Hollywood has long fished in his history, turning the characters they base off his exploits into white guys with frilly vests.

Fox News is filming a show about Bass Reeves this weekend in Texas, but you don't have to wait for the show to come out; you can see living actors portraying his history next Tuesday at the Three Rivers Museum, 220 Elgin, in Muskogee.

Representing Bass and his wife Winnie, Oscar and ShIron Ray have helped keep the story alive in the Bass Reeves Tour and other presentations for the last three years. The program is free and open to the public. For more information, call Three Rivers Museum, 918-686-6624 or see the museum's website:


Last hacker story, I promise

OK. I'm finally getting my head above water in responding to the hacking of my sites. Still have a lot to do, but at least the sites are, from your perspective, back to functioning (mostly).

I wanted to take this time to do something unusual: thank the hackers. They helped me find some things in my sites that were dumb, slow, vulnerable and mostly confusing from a programming perspective.

In fixing the sites and shoring them up against further hacking attacks, the hackers actually encouraged me to do something I should have been doing all along: regular backups of the sites, both the content and the numerous (you'd shudder to know just how numerous) programs that run the sites. It's a complicated endeavor, turning complicated operations into something that looks so simple, and having to jump back in from scratch reminds a guy that it's best to keep spare files around if something like this happens again. In the past month, I've had a catastrophic hard drive failure on my computer, a weird hiccup on the servers and then the hacking yesterday. It's been quite a ride.

But also, I discovered something that I would have bet before wasn't true: the ads for this site were residing in an old, vulnerable and slow database that I could have sworn I had done away with a long time ago. I know you probably don't care about ads, but you should, because without them, this site wouldn't be here - or at least it wouldn't be free. We love our advertisers and we aim to give them the best value possible for advertising with us. Slow, vulnerable databases are just asking for a problem, so thanks to the hackers, I was able to move all the ads to the same new, secure and lightning-fast kind of database as I use on the MUGS sites.

I still have a lot of work to do (the MUGS mobile viewers still can't view the site, and search doesn't work on this site), but those are small, easy (not to say quick) fixes. As I said before, I can finally see the daylight now.

Thank you for your patience, and feel free to toss suggestions my way.


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Site is (mostly) working now

OK. I've been programming all day and all night to recover from the hacking we had this morning.

The long and short of it is this: hackers removed the programs we used to display the site, and then they replaced them with some sort of weird Muslim propaganda.

In fixing the site, we figured it was a good time to increase security and to address some nagging issues we've had with the site for a long time, so that's what I've been doing all day.

Mostly, the site will work as you expect it to, with some notable exceptions:

  • Links under the "Local" tab above don't work. YET.
  • Search doesn't work
  • Comments are offline
  • I'm sure there's other stuff, but I'm tired.

I will resume programming this afternoon. Until then, I believe the greatest majority of the site is working again.

Also, lesson learned: Always back up your files. I had recently backed up the MUGS sites because of another server-related issue we had there, so it was a cinch to fix after the hack. You can bet your sweet ... whatever sweet things you're inclined to bet that I've backed everything up now.

12:17 A.M. UPDATE: The stuff in the "Other News" menu now works. And I'm fading fast. Good night. Also, the stuff in the "Local" menu under the "Categories" item work now.

12:36 A.M. UPDATE: The stuff under the "Local" menu now works.

12:38 A.M. UPDATE: Well, mostly.

2:01 P.M. UPDATE, Feb. 19: I'm ironing out small details now. They're small, which means hard to trace down, but they have a big impact on the performance of the site.


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Yikes! We were hacked!

So yeah. We were hacked by someone claiming to be Zone_41_DZ, who apparently gained access to our servers and then changed all the index files to the image above.

We weren't alone.

Around 1,000 sites were hacked this morning with the same tactic.

We are working to restore to its former state, but while we do, we've put the raw news feed on this page so you don't miss anything while we work.

UPDATE: I'm working on the databases and the site itself, so if you experience weirdness, that's what's going on. I don't think the site should go down while I'm doing this, but you never know. In programming, one misplaced comma or period could crash everything.

Whatever happens, no more worries, we're beefing up all the security, and any crazy stuff you see from here on will be me working behind the scenes, not the return of the hackers.


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Kum and Go robbed with a hammer

The Kum and Go store at country Club and Shawnee was robbed last night by a man with a hammer, according to police.

The man escaped with the entire cash register.

A Muskogee K-9 unit traced the perpetrator to the area where he dumped the cash register and changed clothes, then a deputy picked up a suspect walking down Shawnee near Curt's Mall.

The convenience store clerk identified the suspect as the man who robbed the store, police said.

The suspect, Samuel Reed, is in the Muskogee County Jail facing arraignment on charges of armed robbery.


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Vote for the cop you want tased

If you've ever wanted to see a cop get tased, now's your chance.

If you participate in a raffle sponsored by 911 outfitters and Okie Guns and Gear, you can buy a chance to see your favorite area officer get shot with a taser.

The officers participating are

  • Brian White of the Muskogee County Sheriff's Office
  • John Page of the Warner Police Department
  • Roger Posey of the Bacone College Police
  • Ashley Mullen of the Muskogee County Sheriff's office

The officer who gets the most votes via raffle ticket will be tased. Tickets are $1 each. The money will go to the charity of the tased officer's choice.

Contact the officer you want to vote for, or go to


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